About Inventory Supplies

A database of technical, functional and beautiful products. No affiliate links, trackers or kickbacks. Some products may be out of manufacture. Products are not reviewed, tested or vouched for. Mostly black and white items. No desk setup items. Novel products over tech trends. Not interested in massive scary knives which you’d get arrested for carrying in the UK.

A sister website is in the making for homeware.


Website Roadmap

🔮 Queue

Clean up taxonomy, explore conditional selections
Colour filters
Alfred workflow for supply hunting
Set-up Inventory House
Switch photo and mega data position on PDP

👨🏻‍💻 In Progress

Images rig for colour, size and crop

✅ Complete

Transfer content to Super+Notion
Move Wordpress project to subdomain
Database filters
Transfer data from Airtable to Notion
Basic CSS tweaks
Show header on PDP
Hide “created” date on PDP
Retailers database
Brand database
Remove secondary category
Sequence tags

This site is built using Notion and Super.so to present the data, map the domain and control the website. The previous failed Wordpress build has been relocated to https://inventorysupplies.lawrencebrown.eu/

The initial designs for the website are still in the queue to see what is possible using just Super.so alone. However, it’s time to start building up the supplies in favour of tweaking design layouts forever.